Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well once again its been a long time since I last put anything on my blog. Some day I was just bound to get around to it. Other than my wife telling me that its my manly duty I'm writing today about something that I have been putting off for the past year or so. Its called WLC or warrior leadership training course. Basically if you wanted to break it down. Its a two week opportunity to be treated like you are back in basic training. Fun right?

But it could be worse it used to be about 30 days long but the Army reduced it down to 14. So all went well I made it through all the fun and excitement and now I'm back. Some of the things they had us study were: how to teach a class in a military manner, how to conduct a physical training session, land Navigation and tactical leadership.

I would have to say that the thing I enjoyed the most was the land navigation exercise. Basically they give you a map and a compass then stick you in the middle of the woods and make you find four points that they give you via an eight digit grid coordinate. Then you have to find your way back to the gathering area. They also required that we wear a whistle and our cell phone because people have gotten lost in the past. Fortunately I know how to use a map and compass so I didn't need to use the whistle or the cell phone.

Unfortunately I don't have any sweet pictures from any of the actual training that I did mainly because digital camera wasn't on the "approved" packing list. But Tobi did get a few pictures of the graduation.

(Me getting my diploma from Commandant Fernando Rodguezramos and Sergeant Major Peter Ladd)

We did however have one celebrity in attendance The Princess Peapod!!