Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the deployment dilemma

I'm sure most of you that read this blog know that when I move to Colorado I'll be deploying a few months later to Afghanistan. This will only be my second time getting deployed since I joined the Army. I would like to think that I have started a few good traditions. For example before I go out to another country its vital that I amp up my personal technology inventory. Some might ask "Why would that be important?" To these people I say why not?!!! Technology Rocks!!! Another tradition that is integral to getting deployed for me is the consolidation of the socks. I only have two different colors of socks that I wear when I go but I have so many its daunting sometimes.

However the reason for this post is the most vital of all the deployment traditions! What instrument will I be mastering while I'm gone? As you know the last time I deployed I learned how to play the bagpipes which by the way I will most definitely be taking with me when I leave. But since the United States Army has afforded me the opportunity to spend a period of approximately 12 months of potential instrumental enrichment. I had better use it.

So I thought I would ask the people that know me what they think my next acquisition of musical ability should be. I thought perhaps I might become more proficient at a current instrument I already own like the violin. I can play songs on the violin but not well or with any hint of aesthetics. Or perhaps I could take a keyboard and increase my slight piano skills. On the other hand I could make a new instrument purchase with something I've never attempted before ( Tobi says the french horn is a no-go.....drat!!). One instrument I've always been curious about is the Banjo. It looks fun but I've never really gotten to sit down and go to town with.

I would love to hear what different ideas you have.