Sunday, April 27, 2008

Should I be ashamed?

I love reading. If I could, I think I would spend all of my waking and sleep time with a book (if there were that many good ones out there). When I was 21 my mom told me that I had to read Harry Potter she said it was the best series. I reluctantly decided to read it and found to my surprise that it was awesome. I quickly devoured all the harry potter that I could get my hands on. after that I figured that I would just read anything my mom or anyone suggested.
One day(I was in Iraq) Tobi suggested that I read a book she had got from Rachelle. She wasn't very forthcoming with allot of details about the book so I agreed to read it. When twilight came I read and and quickly found myself addicted. So like any other series I had to read it all. So now I find myself addicted to a romance series. But do dare come out to my fellow comrades in arms? will I be ostracized for the rest of my army career? The real question is can I make it until Breaking Dawn comes out.....

Monday, April 14, 2008

a shiny new bundle of joy

On Saturday the twelfth 2008 at 1350 (1:30PM for those non military types) Tobi and I became the proud owners of a brand new Wii. We were very happy with its weight of four pounds zero ounces and a good length of 7.87" inches. We were so relieved that its little remotes had all their little buttons and knobs and that the accessory guitar had a workable wamy bar. Alec and Cora are just delighted with the new surprise addition to our family. Alec especially has taken to more responsibility in helping Tobi and I feed the disc's into the disc drive. Anyway enough talk I sure you all are just dying to see the pictures of the little tyke so here are a couple for you.

Friday, April 11, 2008

falling into the great and endless beyond

Ok so the blogness monster has final reared its ugly head and I have decided to make a blog of my own. So now I have a venue for the world to see all the strange and interesting things that encompass my life. For example. I love bagpipes, taking baths and listening to my Ipod. I don't like waking up early, humidity and silly people that think that I am killing the environment with my truck.