Monday, April 14, 2008

a shiny new bundle of joy

On Saturday the twelfth 2008 at 1350 (1:30PM for those non military types) Tobi and I became the proud owners of a brand new Wii. We were very happy with its weight of four pounds zero ounces and a good length of 7.87" inches. We were so relieved that its little remotes had all their little buttons and knobs and that the accessory guitar had a workable wamy bar. Alec and Cora are just delighted with the new surprise addition to our family. Alec especially has taken to more responsibility in helping Tobi and I feed the disc's into the disc drive. Anyway enough talk I sure you all are just dying to see the pictures of the little tyke so here are a couple for you.


Tobi said...

What Joel doesn't know is it's his turn to get up with the little Wii tonight.

Also as a little side note. When Joel came home with the Wii I told him that it was his Fathers Day present. He asked me if it could be my Mothers Day present too. You can imagine my answer to that.

Crazy Granny said...

I guess you now have everything that you ever wanted.

Sarah said...

What a precious gift from above!
Find a wireless connection and we'll be able to communicate in 27 different ways now!
Yeah! Plus, you have to see tobi's me that she made and we fixed.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

You have officially been blog-stalked.
Tobi and I will have to work out the Wii invitations (sort of like baby announcements) and then our Wii's can communicate and our children can send each other little Mii's all day long. It's quite irritating but the tikes love it. I think between my nieces and nephews sending them back and forth I've got like 50 Mii's... luckily they require very little food.
I also recommend for Wii game rentals. We blow through them quick and then keep the ones we like at reduced prices while quickly returning the ones we don't.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix says that this just doesn't look right. How are you going to strum the guitar beneath a diaper? Gross.

The Queen Vee said...

Wii goodness, now nothing will get done, at least until the newness wears off. Nothing like good old family competition. I've been told you can give up your gym membership if you have a Wii. Does it do dishes?

Megan Of Parker said...

What a sweet, swaddled bundle of guitar hero joy!

Mammallama said...

Yay!! 11 grandkids and counting!!!! You better send this one out to Denver for a visit with your little Mii here.

Matt said...

Oh Wii how I long to hold you. I'm jealous, I can admit it. You have to get the "Trauma Center: Second Life" game, I could play it for hours.